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Routinemaker makes it easy to build apps that generate personalized fitness routines and track their effectiveness against population baselines

Experimentation Engine

Generate personalized fitness challenges using diagnostic and demographic data

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Open Leaderboard

Download anonymized progress data to compare completion rates against similar cohorts

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Research Repository

Browse our curated collection of research and contribute to algorithm development

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We're expanding the boundaries of health and fitness knowledge through collective experimentation

There's no shortage of conflicting advice and missing answers when it comes to fitness. Should you do 20 minutes of cardio a day? Every other day? 30 minutes?

Unfortunately, most scientific studies suffer from small sample sizes and provide recommendations that are generalized to the entire population. There's no way to know if the suggestions will be effective for you.

Routinemaker aims to tackle these issues by building off the current body scientific work and moving the frontier forward through collective experimentation.

Plans generated for you take into account not just the latest research but also your personal attributes. We'll track your progress and compare to people with similar diagnostic and demographic data to determine if it's effective for you.

As more people complete routines, we analyze the results from these mini-experiments and calculate which types of exercises are most effective for each diagnostic and demographic cohort.

By using apps powered by Routinemaker, you're helping us create better fitness recommendations for you and people like you.


We use Bountysource in combination with Github to coordinate our development processes


Create new exercises, routines, and training plans for the core engine

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Analyze progress and completion data to improve our algorithms

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Contribute to our literature review and develop new hypotheses

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Offset infrastructure costs and reward contributors for their time



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